China Quantum Computer Breakthrough: Leading the Global Frontier with the ‘EZ-Q Fridge’

China has initiated large-scale production of the cutting-edge ‘EZ-Q Fridge,’ a groundbreaking dilution refrigerator crucial for superconducting quantum computer chips, marking a pivotal stride in the nation’s technological advancements. As reported by Wang Zhehui of the research team, this development signifies a significant leap forward amidst international technological restrictions imposed by Western countries. The ‘EZ-Q Fridge’ has demonstrated exceptional performance in trials and commenced deliveries to customers in the second quarter of 2023, positioning China at the forefront of a realm previously dominated by countries like Finland, the UK, and the US.

Despite facing technological barriers from Western nations, China Quantum Computer Breakthrough the collaborative efforts between the Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center and QuantumCTek Corp have yielded the independent development of the ‘EZ-Q Fridge.’ This achievement not only underscores China’s resilience in overcoming international restrictions but also its commitment to leading technological innovation. The refrigerator’s capability to maintain a stable and ultra-quiet environment at temperatures as low as 10mK is indispensable for the operation of superconducting quantum computers, marking a new era for China’s quantum computing ambitions.

What are Quantum Computers used for

The dedication of the research team to elevate China’s standing in the global technological landscape is evident in their development of the ‘EZ-Q Fridge.’ With its remarkable cooling efficiency and positive operational metrics, the device meets international standards, challenging the dominance of Western counterparts. The team’s aspirations extend beyond mere parity with Western models; they aim to surpass them and lead the global dilution refrigerator market. This aspiration is further bolstered by their involvement in the ‘Zu Chongzhi’ quantum computer experiment, which traditionally relied on imported dilution refrigerators.

Future Expansion and Global Reach

Looking forward, the research team intends to collaborate with more users from universities and research institutes to foster the advancement of quantum computing software and hardware. Their aim is not only to fulfill domestic scientific requirements but also to propel domestically-made equipment onto the international stage. Overcoming international restrictions and advancing independently in the development of essential components for quantum computing underscores China’s resilience and commitment to technological innovation. With the ‘EZ-Q Fridge’ demonstrating exceptional performance and positioning China as a frontrunner in the global market, the nation’s ambitions to lead the quantum computing field are well within reach.


This initiative reflects China’s broader ambition to transcend technological barriers and establish itself as a frontrunner in the field of quantum computing. Wang Zhehui’s optimistic outlook underscores a future where Chinese technological innovations push boundaries, set new standards, and achieve global recognition.

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