Large swaths of the US have experienced a Cellular Outage

According to data gathered from the cellular outage tracking website Downdetector. Information on the website states that San Francisco, Houston, and Chicago were among the cities affected by the outage.
There were problems with the services of other telecom companies as well.

The San Francisco Fire Department used social media site X to draw attention to the impact of the outage on emergency services among the commotion. They said that people were finding it more difficult to contact 911, which is an essential lifeline in an emergency.
To lessen the impact of the outage, the fire department responded by assuring the public that they were actively handling the situation and constantly monitoring events.

Because of how broad the cellular outage was, questions have been raised regarding the telecommunications infrastructure’s dependability and ability to withstand unforeseen setbacks. While impacted users struggle with the disruption caused by the outage, telecom firms will probably come under fire for the resilience of their networks and backup procedures in times of crisis.
Concerns are raised over the primary reason for the outage and the actions telecom firms are taking to avoid future occurrences of this kind. Concerns continue to exist, too, about the suitability of emergency response plans and backup routes for communication during outages.

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