Samsung Galaxy Ring, Samsung’s latest gadget blow to Apple fans

Samsung Electronics plans to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Ring later this year. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Samsung Galaxy devices, this innovative accessory will also offer compatibility with Android products from Google. However, it won’t support Apple products like the iPhone. The Galaxy Ring distinguishes itself as a “more comfortable” health-tracking device, ideal for wearing during sleep.

Recently, clear images of the ring surfaced after enthusiasts were given a sneak peek in February. Resembling a man’s wedding band, it features a metallic exterior and a black interior. Color options are limited to gold, silver, and ceramic black. Samsung has yet to disclose pricing details.

The interior houses sensors responsible for monitoring various aspects of one’s health, including sleep patterns. Currently, the ring is available in nine sizes, each with a different battery capacity. Despite Samsung’s advancements, it faces stiff competition from its primary rival. Reports suggest that Apple is developing its smart ring device.

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