Dyson Supersonic Nural Excellent Hair Care Technology Details

Dyson’s dominance in the realm of beauty is unmistakable. The sight of Dyson Supersonic dryers adorning the bathrooms of luxurious hotels and chic fitness studios is a testament to their widespread acclaim. Recently unveiled at New York Fashion Week, Dyson introduced the Dyson Supersonic Nural, a professional-grade hair dryer, marking yet another milestone in the brand’s journey through the world of hair care, eight years since its initial foray.

image source :Dyson.com

At first glance, the Supersonic Nural bears a striking resemblance to its predecessor. However, despite its compact size, this new iteration packs a host of additional features while maintaining its hallmark energy-efficient, low-heat design. Notably, the introduction of the scalp mode represents a significant leap forward. This innovative feature automatically adjusts heat levels as the dryer approaches the scalp, placing a premium on hair health. Complementing this advancement is an LED indicator at the device’s core, which changes colors to signal when the scalp is adequately shielded.

According to Nathan Imhasly, head of innovation at Dyson, the company’s commitment to understanding hair health predates the launch of the original Supersonic in 2016. Scalp care has long been a focal point, reflecting Dyson’s dedication to designing technology that addresses hair-related concerns. The inclusion of scalp mode in the Supersonic Nural epitomizes this dedication, employing a sophisticated network of sensors to adapt to various drying techniques, ensuring both scalp protection and heightened hair luster.

In response to user input, Dyson has incorporated additional features into the Supersonic Nural to streamline the drying process and enhance hair health. Attachment learning technology automatically adjusts speed and heat based on the attachment in use, while the “pause detect” feature intelligently pauses heat and motor functions when the device is set down, thereby reducing noise levels.

The attachments accompanying the Supersonic Nural are equally innovative, including a wave-and-curl diffuser designed to deliver frizz-free, loose waves.

Set for release in May 2024, the Dyson Supersonic Nural will retail for $499.99, embodying Dyson’s signature blend of innovation, elegance, and functionality.Renowned for its vibrant color schemes, Dyson offers the Nural in two captivating options: purple-and-orange or turquoise-and-orange.

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