Chromecast with Google TV devices operate on Google TV

The recent discovery suggests that Google Home recognizes “YTD” as a Chromecast device rather than a third-party Google TV device. This hints at the possibility of “YTD” being a forthcoming Chromecast with Google TV device under development by Google. Interestingly, “YTD” is listed alongside the existing HD and 4K models of Chromecast with Google TV.

Earlier in the year, there was mention of a device codenamed “YTC” in the app’s code, explicitly referred to as a “Chromecast with Google TV.” However, this device never came to fruition. It’s worth noting that the original model was dubbed “YTV,” while the HD variant was named “YTB.”

Chromecast with Google TV devices operate on Google TV, an updated iteration of Android TV. Unlike previous Chromecast models, which relied on a phone or tablet for control and content casting, Chromecast with Google TV devices include a remote and a user-friendly interface for browsing and playing content from various apps and services, akin to other streaming devices.

The nature of “YTD” remains uncertain—whether it’s a new Chromecast with Google TV device and, if so, its release timeline. It’s possible that Google is testing a prototype or a variant of the existing dongle, which may or may not be brought to market. However, given the absence of a new 4K Chromecast device since 2020, a refreshed Chromecast with enhanced specifications and features would be eagerly anticipated. Until Google makes an official announcement, speculation and anticipation will continue to build.

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